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Rike Boomgaarden is my given name, I sing, write, play, create, design and I dj.

I´ve fronted and toured as a singer with several bands and been featured as a studio vocalist on eight albums and numerous singles.

As an artist I could never quite stay interested in one commercial lane enough to want to be industry viable.  I have found songwriting and other musical avenues more appealing creatively and appreciate the freedom of being a professional artist. I have been signed with Universal Music Publishing since 2010. 

Before moving to the U.S. in 2017, I had a great studio in Hamburg, in studios started by friend and colleague Alex Geringas. During that time I traveled almost 6 months a year to write and collaborate with producers throughout the world (London, Stockholm, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, etc).

Making music and working with artists to express what´s in hearts and minds, opening up, being vulnerable in collaboration, sharing intense emotions and pouring everything into a song is a passion I never regret. Producers, writers, musicians and artists walk into a room and sometimes start a movement.  


In 2017 I was honored to get my U.S. Greencard due to my work as a composer. I´m loving California and currently reside in L.A. where I am now a permanent resident.


Please share in my journey on social media and hit up my management or publisher for bookings and collaborations 2018.










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Music and Film Production:
Rike Boomgaarden
Email: info@rikeboomgaarden.com

Publishing & Songplugging:
Universal Music Publishing Group Germany
Stralauer Allee 1
10245 Berlin

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The Company Management
Leonidas Chantzaras
Email: freakchild@dafreakchild.com
Phone: +49 173 3146849

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Lichte Rechtsanwälte
Peer Boris Schade
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 93
20355 Hamburg